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There's two basic types of sea fishing rods: beach casting rods and spinning rods.

Beach casting rods are the most common and the most popular rods for salt water tackle. These rods have a length that varies from 11 to 13 feet. No more the rod has a fast or very fast taper. Taper is really a term that describes just how much a fishing rod flexes or bends under pressure. Two kinds of handles are available: A set reel seat or coaster clips. Coaster clips allow the angler to reposition the reel for optimal casting position and distance. Fishing reels suitable for beach casting rods are generally fixed spool or multiplier.

Although spinning rods aren't usually thought of for bass fishing, their use can give the angler a great challenge especially when the rod is equipped with light tackle. Sea spinning rods are usually 8 to 10 feet long and cast 1 to 1 1/2 ounces. Most spinning rods used in the UK are equipped for a set spool fishing reel.

Other Considerations for Tackle for Sea Fishing

Sea reels should be packed with about 250 to 300 yards of line. Choose quite strong hooks, concerning may be many obstacles . Hook dimensions are also an important consideration in sea fishing. Hook sizes vary from 32 (brook trout) to 19/0 (large game fish). Here are some suggestions regarding hook size for various fish species: Flatfish - 1 or 1/0, mackerel - 1/0, bottom fishing - 4/0, pollack - 4/0. Legering is a kind of fishing in the sea that's done from docks or piers. For legering, add some weights, called legers, to your tackle. In legering, the bait sits on the sea bottom. In float fishing, the bait drifts within the water beneath a brightly coloured float that indicates the bait's position. .

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Getting the right sea fishing tackle often means the difference from a successful fishing outing along with a failed one. The very best UK sea anglers are those who come ready with the gear necessary to assure that the effort they put into into their fishing trips is rewarded.